General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong has called for tougher anti-corruption measures next year, noting that the nation will prepare for Party Congresses at various levels in 2014.

Speaking at a meeting of the Central Anti-Corruption Steering Committee held in Hanoi on December 25, the Party leader, who heads the committee, said its responsibility will be bigger as the fight against corruption is a major issue that the entire population is interested in.

He said more amendments should be made to existing anti-corruption policies following the National Assembly's approval last month of the amended 1992 Constitution.

General Secretary Trong stressed the importance of widespread dissemination of information on all aspects of the nation's fight against corruption.

He said that next year, the steering committee should send inspection teams to organisations that show signs of corruption, bring more cases under its supervision and strengthen its review process so that appropriate cases are chosen for trial.

The Party leader also emphasised the need for international co-operation in the fight against corruption, especially in accessing legal support and enhancing capacity at the grassroots level.

Reviewing its work in 2013, he praised the committee for the consistency that it has shown in implementing various measures and the notable achievements of seven special teams established in August to handle investigations into high-profile corruption cases as well as prosecution of those involved.

He said the committee had selected 10 cases, eight that went to trial and two that were being investigated, to supervise and develop measures to speed up the investigation and prosecution processes.- VNA