A hot spell forecast for northern Vietnam at the end of this week follows an earlier one in the south.

Meteorologists said the temperature in the north and north central parts of Vietnam will sharply increase to 36 degrees Celsius, the highest since the start of this year.

Evening and night rains have also been forecast for the northern highlands on April 14-16

Le Thi Linh from northern Phu Tho province said it always rains at the end of celebrations for the reign of the founding Hung Kings.

"Every year is the same. Rains come after the festival finishes to wash the temple. Hot weather then follows," said the woman who lives close to the temple.

The north has already been enjoying warmer weather for several days. Temperatures April 12 hit 29-30 degrees Celsius in most areas and even 33 degrees in Dien Bien and Lai Chau provinces.

Humidity staye at a low 66 percent in Hanoi on April 12, helping to maintain a relaxing comfort level for the holidays. However, in northern mountainous provinces, humidity reached summertime heights of 95 percent.

The National Hydro-meteorological Forecasting Centre said this is due to a hot low-pressure system heading down to the central region.

"Summer has come," said a resident in Hanoi .

Meanwhile, the south has already has sunny and hot days with temperatures reaching 36 degrees in HCM City and south-eastern provinces.

The weather bureau said these areas stay hot for the next few days. The temperature is forecast to hit 37 degrees.

Vietnam is expected to have more storms, tornadoes and floods this year, the result of the La Nina phenomenon which is lowering sea-surface temperatures across the equatorial Eastern Central Pacific Ocean. /.