Vietnam is proud to be one of the first nations in the world to understand the pleasures of drinking tea and how to go about it.

The country now wants to share this culture with people from all over the world at a special event being held in the old quarter of Hanoi between November 20-23.

An elderly man, Nguyen Van Thich, who lives in Hang Dao Street, one of the oldest streets in Hanoi, who has enjoyed drinking tea since he was very young, says that Hanoi is the centre of Vietnam’s tea drinking culture, which is an integral part of the capital city’s thousand year history.

“The elegancy and sophistication of this Hanoian culinary art has increased a cup of teas’ aesthetics to a very high level,” he said.

Vietnamese tea culture is an art that revives the soul of Hanoi ’s ancient streets, which are embossed with their ancestors’ characteristics, in harmony with modern customs, said Tran Thuy Lan from the Hanoi Old Quarter Managerial Board.

She added that the coming celebrations aim to help foreign tourists and the younger generation in Vietnam to understand and love Hanoi, especially the customs, culinary arts and simple but fulfilling lifestyle of Hanoians.

The Hanoi Old Quarter Managerial Board expects the event, being held at the heritage house at No. 87 Ma May Street, will enrich the ancient traditions of Hanoi ’s ancient streets and attract an increasing number of tourists, both domestic and from overseas./.