The northern province of Thai Nguyen has implemented important solutions to maintain traffic safety and order, and to reduce the number of accidents by 3-5 percent a year until 2015.

The solutions, consisting of five basic measures, focus on increasing the local authorities and relevant agencies’ organisation and operation of traffic safety and order, raising people’s awareness on traffic rules, and improving infrastructure.

For the past two years, the agencies have maintained media campaigns to disseminate information on traffic safety and order to people, as well as regularly carried out patrols on highways in the province.

In particular, local authorities in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and relative agencies have done their utmost to step up the upgrade of highways to deal with 60 high-risk spots at a total cost of nearly 100 billion VND (4.7 million USD).

As a result, the number and severity of local traffic accidents have continued to fall, becoming one of the eight provinces across the country with the highest reduction in rate of traffic accidents, averaging 20 percent a year since 2010./.