Thai Nguyen moving to preserve Tan Cuong tea

Renowned for its premium Tan Cuong tea, which has been granted geographical indication for export, Thai Nguyen city in the province of the same name is now stepping up efforts to preserve and develop its tea cultivation area, to contribute to affirming Tan Cuong tea as a key agricultural product of the city.

The growing of midland tea with small tea leaves - the variety that shapes the brand in the Tan Cuong tea area - has fallen significantly in recent years as low yields force farmers to shift to other varieties.

The city’s agricultural sector is joining hands with local farmers to plant at least 300 hectares of midland tea, to increase the growing area of the local variety to 30 percent from the current 10 percent.

Along with protecting the local tea variety, the city’s agriculture sector is helping local farmers learn tea cultivation techniques that are organic and meet VietGAP standards as well as develop a value chain for local tea products./.