Bangkok (NNT/VNA) – The Thai Ministry of Justice has held a conference to discuss creating a crime database as a precursor to an ASEAN+3 information cache for crime analysis. 

The ASEAN+3 practical conference on the analysis of crime statistics and the rule of law, discussed the creation of a transnational crime database. The central hub would collect crime data from across the region for the purposes of analysis and protection against repeat offenses and to foster better cooperation amongst ASEAN nations. It would be the first application of a Big Data system to crime in the region. 

Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Prajin Junthong stated that the severity of crime at present necessitates that such a database be set up as it would help authorities stop repeat offenders as well as help them understand the catalysts for crime. 

Topics debated during the conference included the drug trade in the Golden Triangle, human trafficking, illegal financial transactions and Ponzi schemes. It was hoped the conference would serve as a starting point for transnational cooperation and the use of Big Data in new areas as well as to enhance the justice systems of the nations comprising ASEAN+3.-VNA