Thailand is preparing to host the first ever Thailand-Pacific Island Countries Forum (TPIF) on August 9-10.

The Thai Foreign Affairs Ministry said that invitations have been extended to delegations from 14 Pacific Island countries, including the Cook Islands, Fiji , Micronesia , and Papua New Guinea . The forum will be held under the theme “Strengthening Development Cooperation towards Common Prosperity.”

Observers from Australia and New Zealand have also been invited to participate in the platform, which aims to promote the development cooperation framework between Thailand and the countries in South Pacific region.

Thailand has been a long-standing development partner of this region, through the Thai International Cooperation Programme (TICP), particularly for human resources development in the Pacific Island nations. The kingdom has also imported seafood and canned fish from the region over the years.

In addition to ways to deepen cooperation between Thailand and its partners, delegates will discuss topics such as the King’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, sustainable development, agriculture and fisheries, and tourism. -VNA