Tu Dam Pagoda is a famous ancient pagoda in Hue, currently located at number 1 Su Lieu Quan Street, Truong An Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien - Hue Province.

Although it is not the oldest pagoda in Vietnam, Tu Dam has been widely recognized by many people around the country for its important role in the revival and development of Buddhism in Vietnam in the modern period, as well as its efforts in the struggle for peace and religious freedom.

Currently, Tu Dam Pagoda is the headquarter of the Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam of Thua Thien - Hue Province. Initially, Tu Dam Pagoda used to be a small religious premise made of leaves and dry wood, established in around 1695.

It only gained the current appearance after many rounds of renovation. The main hall of the old pagoda consisted of three tiled compartments. In 2006, after reconstruction, the new building has a length of 42 meters, a width of 35.9 meters, including three compartments with two wings, and two bell towers on each side. This is the traditional architecture of Hue temple.

An Ton Tower was also built and completed in 2010 in an octagonal shape with 7 floors to worship 7 bronze Buddha statues. Tu Dam Pagoda holds a special connection to the spiritual life of Hue people and Buddhists.

The previous abbots have made several restoration efforts but the pagoda still retains many distinct features from its ancient structure. It is a destination that Hue visitor should never forget to visit./.