Third field hospital in Hai Duong to be completed on February 6 hinh anh 1A third field hospital with 200 beds is being set up at the Sao Do University. (Photo: VNA)

Hai Duong (VNA) - A third field hospital with 200 beds is being set up at the Sao Do University in the northern province of Hai Duong to treat COVID-19 patients and is expected to be completed on February 6.

On February 2, the Sun Group, which has sponsored the construction of field hospitals in the province, brought the equipment used at a similar hospital at Da Nang city’s Tien Son sports centre to the country’s newest and largest COVID-19 hotspot.

Workers involved in the construction of the Tien Son field hospital were also sent to Hai Duong to offer support.

According to the local steering committee for COVID-19 prevention and control, Hai Duong had documented 240 COVID-19 infections as of the morning of February 3.

One day earlier, a Ministry of Health working group ordered the province to lock down 13 communes and wards in the cities of Hai Duong and Chi Linh and the districts of Nam Sach, Cam Giang, and Kinh Mon, zone off 30 residential areas where infections have been detected, and collect samples for COVID-19 testing on a mass scale in those areas.

The first field hospital, at the medical centre in Chi Linh city, is providing treatment to 165 COVID-19 patients, while the second, at the Hai Duong Medical Technical University, is treating 49 patients./.