Thirty-three Vietnamese guest workers in Libya safely arrived in Egypt via Salloum land border gate on August 16, bringing the total number of Vietnam’s workers leaving the war-torn country to over 1,300.

The newly-evacuated employees had worked in the northern coastal city of Ajdabya, 530 kilometres from the border gate, under a contract signed between the Vietnam Manpower Supply and Commercial Joint Stock Company (Vinamex) and local contractor Al-Mankh.

They are expected to land Hanoi on August 18, after transiting in Bangkok, Thailand.

Earlier, 25 Vietnamese workers in strife-hit Benghazi city successfully travelled to Egypt by road with support from the Vietnamese Embassy in the country.

However, nearly 470 others are still in the North African countries. Among them, 103 are scheduled to leave between August 20 and 29.-VNA