Top 10 songs about President Ho Chi Minh hinh anh 1Uncle Ho always believed in the future generation of the country. In the photo: On the occasion of International Children's Day (June 1) at the Presidential Palace on May 31, 1969, President Ho Chi Minh and children of the capital watch a performance. (Source: VNA)

In the history of Vietnam, perhaps no leader has been loved and praised as much as President Ho Chi Minh.

His talent and dignity are always an endless inspiration for many artists. From their affection for the great leader of Vietnamese people, many musicians have written songs about Uncle Ho.

Let’s listen to the 10 most loved songs about President Ho Chi Minh!

1-     “Ho Chi Minh dep nhat ten nguoi” ( Ho Chi Minh- the most beautiful name)

Author: Tran Kiet Tuong

Composed in 1960 and being introduced to the public in 1962, the song praising President Ho Chi Minh by musician Tran Kiet Tuong was warmly welcomed by audience both in the North and South 

(Source: YouTube / Trong Tan)

2-    “Hat ve nguoi” (Singing about the President)

Author: Doan Bong

Musician Doan Bong has many songs written about Uncle Ho. Songs written about Uncle Ho have shown the musician's respect and gratitude to the country’s beloved leader.

(Source: YouTube / VTC Now)

3-    “Nguoi la niem tin tat thang” (Uncle Ho is victorious belief)

Author: Chu Minh

The song was composed by musician Chu Minh right after Uncle Ho passed away. The overwhelming emotions and infinite grief for a great man helped the author have a moment of sublimation in his work.

(Source: Youtube/ Trong Tan)


4-     “Tieng hat giua rung Pac Po” ( Singing in Pac Bo forest)

Author: Nguyen Tai Tue

Musician Nguyen Tai Tue has said he never once set foot in Cao Bang before composing the song,  and he did not know Pac Bo, but rewrote stories of President Ho Chi Minh’s return to Vietnam and his stay in Cao Bang, which directly lead the Vietnamese revolution (1941) into the song.

(Source: YouTube/Anh Tho)


5-    “Dau chan phia truoc”(Footprints ahead)

Poetry: Ho Thi Ca

Music: Pham Minh Tuan

The poet "Dau chan phia truoc” by Ho Thi Ca was written in 1981. About a year later, the song with same name was writeen by musician Pham Minh Tuan.

(Source: YouTube/ Dang Duong)


6-    “Loi Bac dan truoc luc di xa” (Uncle Ho’s words told before passing away )

Author: Tran Hoan

The song was introduced on the 20th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh's death and has touched the hearts of millions of Vietnamese people.

(Source: YouTube/ Thu Hien)

7-    “Nguoi ve tham que” ( Uncle Ho visits his hometown)

Author: Thuan Yen

In 1989, musician Thuan Yen was invited by former Nghe Tinh province  to prepare for the 100th anniversary of Uncle Ho's birthday. He quickly composed the song.

(Source: YouTube/ Thu Hien)


8-    “Tham ben Nha Rong” (Visiting Nha Rong Wharf)

Author: Tran Hoan

The song was composed in 1990. Musician Tran Hoan has portrayed an old father in a simple and rustic way.

(Source: YouTube/ Thai Bao)


9-    “Bac Ho mot tinh yeu bao la” (Uncle Ho - an immense love)

Author: Thuan Yen

Musician Thuan Yen wrote the song in 1979 when he was inspired by a meeting with Uncle Ho in 1966.

(Source: YouTube/ Thanh Hoa)

10 – “Ai yeu Bac Ho Chi Minh hon thieu nien nhi dong” (Who loves Uncle Ho more than teenagers and children)

Author: Phong Nha

The song "Who loves Uncle Ho more than teenagers and children" is one of the most famous songs about children and Uncle Ho. It was released in late 1945, a difficult period for Vietnam.

(Source: YouTube)