A vote of confidence on the nation's 49 top official positions will be conducted during the upcoming meeting of the National Assembly – the first time since the measure was introduced.

Those who poll less than 50 percent will face a no-confidence vote or be called to resign.

The move was announced by head of the NA Office Nguyen Hanh Phuc at a press conference in Hanoi on May 17 in preparation for the 5th session of the 13th National Assembly, which will be opened from May 20.

Phuc said holders of all 49 prescribed positions elected or approved by the NA, including top officials of the Assembly, the State and the Government, have submitted reports on their work performance and results, mentioning law obedience, ethics and lifestyle to the NA deputies, 20 days before the voting day, for consideration.

The results of the vote will be publicised.

During the session, the NA deputies are expected to review and pass 10 draft laws and one resolution, including a draft revised Land Law, a draft law on anti-terrorism and a draft law on amendments to the Law on Enterprise Income Tax.

They will also discuss revisions to the 1992 Constitution and seven other draft laws, including the draft law on Emulation and Commendation, the revised Bidding Law and the revised Law on Practising Thrift and Fighting Waste.

The Government will also present a report on the implementation of the budget and socio-economic plans.

Minister of Finance Vuong Dinh Hue has been assigned to head the Party Central Committee's Economic Commission. The NA will elect a new Minister of Finance and Audit Chief.

The 5th session will be televised and broadcast live for nine days when contents of public concern are discussed, including revisions of the 1992 Constitution and the revised Land Law.

The session is scheduled to end on June 22.-VNA