After technical errors were found in about 8,000 Toyota Innova cars, Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) has announced it will repair defective vehicles free of charge.

Le Thi Huong Diu , TMV media relations official, said April 8 that the company had notified the Vietnam Register Department, confirming it will repair the flaws.

"The errors were caused during the assembly stage," Diu said without announcing any specific date for the work to be done.

"We cannot release any details. Since this involves complex spare parts and personnel, as well as safety issues, we need time to co-ordinate departments, determine solutions and approve a plan," she said.

Do Huu Duc, deputy director of the Vietnam Register Department, agreed that the TMV needed time to prepare guide-lines.

Diu said that many taxi drivers were taking their cabs to small maintenance workshops for repairs, but added that free and guaranteed work will only be carried out at TMV service centres and agencies.

Engineer Le Van Tach, who also works for TMV, said small garages are not equipped with the correct devices to fix the defects, thus many will have to wait for Toyota 's repair schedule.

Duc said the errors will not cause serious consequences immediately, but hold potential risks. "All the defects need to be corrected. The department will inspect and supervise the work," he said./.