Traffic violators will be subject to fines of 3-10 million VND (142-476 USD), have their vehicles impounded for a 10-day period and their driving licence suspended for 60 days if they attempt to bribe or oppose traffic officers.

The measures are part of the draft decree on administrative punishment for traffic violators, released by the Ministry of Transport to increase public trust in traffic law enforcement.

Trinh Minh Hien, head of the ministry's Legal Department said it is necessary to impose new fines for new types of traffic violations and to intensify current punishment levels to deter violators and maintain traffic order.

"While raising awareness about traffic safety requires a long time frame, stricter punishment measures are expected to help that process," she said.

Under the draft decree, fines for traffic violation regarding illegal racing, blood alcohol concentration and speeding and illegal parking will be raised to at least twice their current levels.

Violators will also be subject to additional punishment measures, such as having their driving license and vehicles retained or seized.

Illegal car and motorbike racers will be fined 10-40 million VND (476-1,904 USD) and have their vehicles seized and driving licenses suspended for a 60-day period.

Drivers with a blood alcohol concentration exceeding permitted levels while driving will be fined 8-25 million VND (381-1,190 USD) and have their vehicles retained for a maximum period of 60 days.

Drivers exceeding speed limits will be fined 400,000-1.2 million VND (19-57 USD).

Drivers using mobile phones while controlling their vehicles will receive fines of 300,000-500,000 VND (14-24 USD).

The ministry's draft decree also imposes higher fines of between 500,000-5 million VND (24-238 USD) on violators working for transport businesses such as those carrying more passengers than legally allowed or failing to list their name and phone number on the transport vehicles.

This draft decree has already attracted public opinion about its feasibility.

Nguyen Duc Tan, a traffic policeman in the city's Thuong Tin district said seizing illegal motorbike racers' vehicles would be an effective method of stopping illegal racing, as fines and license suspension have not been as effective as expected.

Nguyen Van Hoa, a motorbike driver on the city's Thai Ha street said higher fines should be applied to drunk drivers who caused many traffic problems and endangered many people at night.

The current decree on administrative punishment for traffic violators was released two years ago. - VNA