Transport hotlines set up for holidays hinh anh 1 Illustrative ​image (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The National Traffic Safety Committee has recently issued hotlines for people to lodge complaints about transport issues during the four-day holidays, which start from April 30, including National Reunification Day and International Labour Day.

Accordingly, six hotlines are established to receive grievances against transport activities at bus and rail stations, habours and wharfs, and also about transport costs as well as violations by transport enterprises. They are: 0962665953, 0964045445, 0977497891, 0916908085, 0913432383 and 0917908085.

Meanwhile, people can lodge complaints about traffic accidents and traffic safety via 0868911911, 0993211111, 0989088719, 0936173906, 0995918666 and 0692342608.

During last year’s holidays, 263 accidents occurred across the country, killing 162 people and injuring 184 others.

There was an average of 44 traffic accidents per day during the holidays. Each day an average of 27 people were killed and 31 were injured.

The traffic accident numbers were comprised of those that happened on roads, waterways and trains. Road accidents alone killed 150 and injured 183, in a total of 249 collisions.
Last year, the committee’s hotline received more than 230 citizen reports on traffic safety violations – mostly about overloaded buses. The hotline gave the reports to local authorities, who were ordered to handle the incidents.-VNA