Tuyen Quang mountainous province promotes ecotourism

Tuyen Quang northern mountainous province features beautiful landscapes, rich in cultural traditions and revolutionary history. In recent years, the province has promoted tourism in connection with its beautiful local terrain, directly benefiting the community.

At 1,200 meters above sea level, Hong Thai commune, Na Hang district has a distinct sub-temperate climate. The area is also home to groups of Dao and Mong ethnic people.

In recent years, people have planted pear trees to benefit from the produce, but also to grow attractive surroundings to draw tourism to the area.

In order to support farmers to develop agriculture associated with tourism, the province has prioritized investment in roads, telecommunications infrastructure and promoted the idea of the One Commune One Product to develop local specialties.

Ecotourism brings many benefits in terms of sustainable economic development to indigenous people.  Not only helping people protect the environment, but also preserving and promoting the unique cultural features of the community./.