Two 300-year-old whale skeletons on Ly Son Island restored

The two largest whale skeletons in Vietnam, dating back about 300 years, in Ly Son Island district in the central province of Quang Ngai, have been successfully restored.

After 2 months, the restoration of two giant whale skeletons at the Lang Tan relic site in Dong An Vinh village, Ly Son Island, in Quang Ngai province has been completed.

The two restored whale skeletons are 22 metres and 28 metres long and nearly 4 metres high.

They are believed by experts to be 300 years old and are the two largest whale skeletons in Vietnam.

According to the beliefs of local fisherman, the two whale skeletons have long been conferred the titles Dong Dinh Dai Vuong and Duc Ngu, as two deities.

Residents of Ly Son beach village have worshiped and held spiritual beliefs surrounding the two whale skeletons for hundreds of years.

The restoration is expected to provide a highlight for sea and island tourism in Ly Son district./.