Two men carrying Myanmar identity papers were rescued at sea by a Vietnamese fishing vessel, a border military officer of the southern central province of Binh Thuan said on Aug. 10.

The two men, aged between 23 and 25, were handed over to representatives of the Binh Thuan Border Post 456 on Aug. 9 by Huynh Van Than, captain of vessel BTh 1033Ts, said Col. Nguyen Van Thuong, political commissar of the Binh Thuan border guard forces.

They were provided with a health check and accommodation by the border post and are in normal condition.

Since the two men cannot speak any language but their mother tongue, it has been so far difficult to verify their identity.

The Binh Thuan border guard has asked the provincial people’s committee to help with the paper work to repatriate the two survivors.

The two men were saved on Aug. 3 by the fishing vessel BTh 0644Ts while they were adrift at sea off southern Kien Giang province.

Three days later, the two men were moved to the vessel BTh 1033Ts which then docked at Binh Thuan province./.