The People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City, at a trial held on October 30, sentenced Tran Vu Anh Binh, 38, and Vo Minh Tri, 34, to six years and four years in prison, respectively, for activities against the State.

The two will be put under a two-year probation period once they are released from prison, said the court’s judge.

According to the verdict, the two defendants conspired with hostile forces and received financial support from reactionary organisations abroad to form a group, which distorted the truth, blackened the Party, supported reactionary ideas, and conducted other activities against the State.

They also posted songs with reactionary content on personal blogs and on some websites to undermine the national unity and ignite political instability.

Binh and Tri (under the pseudonym of Viet Khang) confessed their illegal activities during investigation and trial. Tri also filed a denunciation against some reactionary political organisations and their activities.

Tran Thanh and some others involved received fines and were put under supervision by local authorities. Another member of the group, Nguyen Thien Thanh, remains wanted by police.-VNA