UK newspaper highlights Vietnamese posters in fight against COVID-19 hinh anh 1The poster by artist Le Duc Hiep 

Hanoi (VNA) –
The Guardian newspaper in the UK on April 9 ran an article titled “‘In a war, we draw’: Vietnam’s artists join fight against COVID-19”, featuring posters and stamps by Vietnamese artists calling for public support to fight the pandemic.

According to the article, Vietnam has kept confirmed cases low through quarantining, contact tracing, testing and dissemination.

It published a poster by artist Le Duc Hiep featuring a masked health worker standing valiant like a soldier, flanked by a bold slogan proclaiming that “to stay at home is to love your country”.

The poster reflects the war-time spirit many in the country are invoking as they try to contain the virus, the article said.

The article also features a poster by artist Luu Yen The that calls on people to wear masks to stem the spread of COVID-19, and a collection of stamps by painter Pham Ha Trung sending a clear message of solidarity in the fight against the pandemic.

"Such messaging, along with early action and contact tracing, have helped the nation avoid the levels of suffering seen in Europe", the article said./.