Vietnam has received praises from leaders and member countries of the United Nations (UN) for its active role and practical contributions to the success of the 67th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

This is the remark of Ambassador Le Hoai Trung, Head of Vietnam’s Permanent Mission to the UN, in an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency on September 16 as the 67th session just came to an end and the 68th UNGA session is opening soon.

According to the ambassador, UN leaders and member countries were of the view that Vietnam had made many effective recommendations on outlining the working agenda for upcoming session.

The country’s recommendations regarding the reshuffle of the organisation were appreciated by many member countries for high feasibility, he said, adding that the “One UN in Vietnam Initiative” which aims to maximise the UN operations, is being carried out in many countries, and will be further expanded.

The ambassador said UN leaders expressed hopes that Vietnam will continue to be an active member of the organisation and make further contribution to maintaining international peace and security as well as promoting development for prosperity of humankind.

He gave a brief account on the outcomes of the 67th UNGA session, which took place in the context of on-going difficulties in the global economy and unsettled conflicts. The session reached several agreements on maintaining regional security, particularly in Africa, and on how to bring the global economy out of crisis.

Ambassador Trung said the 68th session, which will last until mid-September next year, will discuss 174 items. The General Assembly will make all-out efforts to maintain international peace and security by seeking peaceful measures for the existing conflicts, especially in Syria and preventing the arising of new conflicts.

It will also focus on designing a development agenda for the period after 2015, the deadline for realising the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)./.