The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) on June 21 launched the UNICEF Next Generation Vietnam programme, an initiative to help raise awareness and raise funds in support of UNICEF's mission to support the rights of children.

Members are influential and passionate young adults who are committed to protecting the rights of all Vietnamese children through organising educational and fundraising programmes.

The activities will be launched in collaboration with members of the UNICEF's Next Generation based in New York City.

The key message of UNICEF's Next Generation is "Believe in ZERO", UNICEF's campaign to reach its goal of having zero-preventable child deaths, as well as having no exploited and abused children, malnourished children, children denied access to school, and children born with HIV/AIDS.

Lotta Sylwander, chief representative of UNICEP in Vietnam , said approximately one-third of all Vietnamese children are stunted. This is an acute problem as stunting can irreversibly damage a child's future physical and cognitive development.

Vietnam's stunting rate is the 13th highest of its kind in the world.

She called on all people to join this programme so they can learn more about the situation of Vietnamese children and work together to help improve their lives. -VNA