US embargo against Cuba a backward step: Vietnam hinh anh 1 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, which opened on September 18 (File photo)


New York (VNA) – The US embargo against Cuba is a backward step which intensifies tension between the two countries, said the head of Vietnam’s mission at the United Nations.

Speaking at the UN General Assembly debate on the Cuban-sponsored draft resolution A/73/L.3 on the necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the US against Cuba, Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy noted that positive signals in US-Cuba relations have dimmed since the administration of President Donald Trump re-installed and intensified the embargo and sanctions against the Caribbean nation in April 2017.

The Vietnamese representative stressed that only dialogue and constructive engagement can promote trust and create positive changes, while embargo and other forms of imposition just further complicate the situation.

He reiterated Vietnam’s consistent stance against the imposition of unilateral measures of embargo and pressurization by any country, while supporting the Cuban-sponsored resolution. Vietnam joins the international community in calling on the US to immediately end the embargo, thus creating conditions for Cuba to develop and integrate into the world economy and trade in a fair and equal footing, he said.

The diplomat also affirmed Vietnam’s strong support of the friendship, cooperation and solidarity with Cuba and commitment to protecting principles of international law as highlighted in the UN Charter.

The debate also saw representatives from seven groups of countries and more than 40 countries voice their support of the resolution, which was then passed with 189 votes of favour. The US and Israel voted against the resolution, while Ukraine and Moldova abstained.

This is the 27th time the UN General Assembly has passed a resolution calling for an end of the embargo against Cuba imposed by the US since 1962. However, the resolutions are not binding.-VNA