The US shipping line Hudson has donated 1,054,900 million VND to help the families of the sailors lost while serving aboard Vietnam ’s Vinalines Queen container ship.

Vietnam ’s state shipping corporation Vinalines held a ceremony on Mar. 15 to accept the donation, along with representatives from the families of the 22 sailors who went missing when the vessel sank near the Philippines on December 25 last year.

Vinalines also handed over 2,166,000 million VND in assistance, which was raised from the company’s employees.

Only one out of the 23 sailors aboard the ship was rescued.

The sole surviving sailor, Dau Ngoc Hung, was rescued by the UK registered vessel the London Courage, after drifting at sea for five days.

Vinalines and a host of other ships searched for the missing 22 sailors for days, however their efforts were in vain.-VNA