Utilizing digital technology in power transmission management

Power Transmission Company 3 (PTC3) is prioritizing the utilization of scientific and technological advancements, integrating digital transformation into the management and operation of power transmission grids.

Workers from the Bao Loc Power Transmission Team (Lam Dong) employ UAVs equipped with thermal sensor cameras to inspect power line routes. (Photo: VNA)
Power Transmission Company 3 actively advances the application of digital technology in managing and operating power transmission grids. (Photo: VNA)
Workers from the Gia Lai Power Transmission Team conduct on-site operations at the Pleiku 2 500kV substation. (Photo: VNA)
Utilizing smart devices to scan QR codes at the Pleiku 500kV substation. (Photo: VNA)
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The implementation of cutting-edge technology significantly contributes to meeting the growing demands in managing power transmission grids. (Photo: VNA)

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