Van Ho turning tourism into economic spearhead

Boasting jaw-dropping scenery and standout cultural traits, Van Ho district in the northern mountainous province of Son La has paid due regarding to developing tourism and making it a spearhead economic sector.

As well as enjoying fresh air and stunning landscapes, visitors to Van Ho will also be impressed by the cultures of local ethnic minority groups, with dazzling dances of the Mong and Dao people and the stellar cuisine of the Thai.

Bestowed with different types of terrain and landscapes, Van Ho is sure to impress visitors with its evergreen meadows, Chieng Yen hot mineral springs, Chieng Khoa Waterfall, and Xuan Nha Forest.

The district has outlined the way to turning tourism into a spearhead economic sector, with new tourism products to be introduced to promote local ethnic minority cultures. Meanwhile, many enterprises are developing new tourist services, making Van Ho more appealing to visitors.

Great potential coupled with sensible development decisions are expected to help Van Ho become a popular destination for visitors from far and wide./.