Vegetable gardens on Truong Sa archipelago

Tens of meters above sea level, a lush green vegetable garden thrives on the DK1/21 platform amidst the vast East Sea. This garden includes water spinach, Malabar spinach, cucumber vines, and various herbs.

Another garden features mint and green onions, along with water spinach, mustard greens, and small watermelon fruits.

The islands of Sinh Ton Dong, Da Dong B, Da Tay C, Truong Sa Lon, and An Bang each boast flourishing vegetable gardens.

Green vegetables in the middle of the sea are considered precious due to the scarcity of fresh water and soil, coupled with harsh weather conditions like intense sunlight and major storms.

To contribute to the greening of the Truong Sa Archipelago, TV Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company under the Akiya Group sponsored 1.5 billion VND for six vegetable gardens on the islands and the DK1 platform during the recent mission from May 17-25.

Along with TV.PHARM, other enterprises and delegations from various ministries and provinces also supported the Greening Truong Sa Fund.

Each vegetable garden is not only a source of essential food but also embodies the spirit of love and solidarity from fellow citizens, connecting the islands more closely with the mainland./.