Vermicelli village busy ahead of Lunar New Year 2020

The Thang Long vermicelli making village in Thanh Hoa province is busy at the moment for completing orders for the upcoming Lunar New Year (or Tet).

Le Ba Phiet’s household is working day and night to meet vermicelli orders at the busiest time of the year. For many years, Phiet and his spouse have been waking up early and going to bed late to prepare for fresh batches of rice vermicelli. However, with Tet approaching, the atmosphere is more intense than ever.

In recent years, many households in Thang Long commune, Nong Cong district have switched from traditional production methods to automation by investing in machinery to improve productivity and increase their incomes. Local vermicelli makers also ensure that their products are up to the highest safety and hygiene standards.

Thang Long has been in the vermicelli business for a long time and was recognized by the People's Committee of Thanh Hoa province as a trade village in 2016. Recently, the People's Committee of Nong Cong district successfully registered the collective brand "Thang Long vermicelli" for the product, and Thang Long Rice Vermicelli was also selected as one of two products to build one commune, one product in Nong Cong district./.