Vo Van Sung, former Vietnamese ambassador to Japan, has been presented with Japan’s Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star, for his contributions to enhancing the two countries’ relations.

Addressing the ceremony in Hanoi on July 15, Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam Yasuaki Tanizaki stressed Japan ’s conferment of the Order to former ambassador Vo Van Sung was in recognition of his contributions to building and developing fine relations between Japan and Vietnam .

The former diplomat, in his capacity of acting ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in France , participated in talks with Japan to establish diplomatic ties between the two countries. In September 1973, Sung joined in the signing of “diplomatic note exchange to officially set up the Japan-Vietnam diplomatic ties”, Ambassador Yasuaki Tanizaki said.

In his capacity as ambassador to Japan from 1988-1992 Sung did his utmost to encourage the resumption of Japan’s aid to Vietnam, he said.

The Japanese diplomat described Sung’s contributions as a basis for developing the current fine relations between Japan and Vietnam .

Former ambassador Sung expressed his belief that with the nearly 40 years of diplomatic ties and longlasting relations between the two countries, the Vietnam-Japan strategic partnership would be further developed./.