Vietnam Coast Guard strengthening law enforcement at sea

As a country with a coastline stretching more than 3,260 km and a favourable geographic location. This also suggests increasing numbers of violations and crimes at sea, however. Because of this, the Vietnam Coast Guard has strengthened its law enforcement efforts, contributing to safeguarding sovereignty over the country’s seas and islands.

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, cases of smuggling, trade fraud, and the illegal transfer of goods at sea have increased and become more sophisticated. Criminals have taken advantage of the development of science and technology to install modern devices to identify the efforts of forces monitoring illegal activities.

To deal with these tricks, the Vietnam Coast Guard has deployed many measures to crack down on all types of crime at sea.

Figures show that in the first eight months of 2021, the Coast Guard detected and handled nearly 500 cases and made arrests as a result.

To obtain such results, it has strengthened its law enforcement efforts, such as patrolling, inspecting, and controlling key sea areas and introducing solutions to effectively coordinate with functional forces in preventing and fighting crimes like smuggling, commercial fraud, and the illegal transportation of goods at sea.

It also regularly conducts activities to raise public awareness of legal policies, especially the provisions of the Law on the Vietnam Coast Guard, in order to help fishermen understand more about State management of the protection of national sovereignty and contribute to maintaining security, order, and the safety of the sacred seas and islands of the Fatherland./.