According to details given by the travel website, seafood remains a popular food in the nation due to the high number of fishing villages.

However, it noted that the country has a wide range of cuisine apart from seafood for visitors to enjoy.

“Like many Asian countries, noodle soups are popular in Vietnam, it is a great place to begin a food exploration,” says The Travel.

The website suggested that guests should first try pho, the country’s national dish, which consist of herbs, noodles, and either chicken or beef.

After that, arrivals can proceed to sample snacks such as spring rolls and banh my, a type of Vietnamese baguette.

“There are different types of rice dishes to also try out and while some consist of chicken, others consist of beef or pork,” the website concluded.

Thailand and the Philippines are the other two Southeast Asian nations in the list.

The other seven countries are: the US, Germany, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Spain and India./.