Folk cuisine being served at 5-star hotels

More and more Vietnamese folk cuisine has been voted among the world’s most delicious dishes recently. The local tourism industry has started to put this strength to best use, with folk cuisine appearing on menus at luxurious hotels.

Hai Phong crab noodle soup is made from field crab with noodles and a variety of seasonal green vegetables and toppings such as spring rolls and fresh shrimp. It gave diners a delicious breakfast while they were attending an event at the 5-star Rex Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ba Trang cake from the Chinese community is prepared by chefs at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel. The cake is cooked properly, with the traditional taste, but with little changes to match the taste buds of high-end diners and foreign guests.

Public interest in food over recent years has resulted in culinary tourism becoming a new trend in the global tourism industry. Vietnam is considered a new culinary paradise for tourists, in which folk cuisine plays an important role.

The preservation and introduction of folk dishes at 5-star hotels not only contributes to promoting the diversity of Vietnamese culinary culture but also makes the tourism sector more attractive in the eye of travellers, especially foreign visitors./.