Cultural and art programmes were held nationwide in celebrations of the Vietnam Family Day on June 28 to promote the family-oriented tradition.

The capital city of Hanoi was colourful and cheerful during a festival on Hanoi family culture, where sports competitions, photo exhibitions on family and flower-arranging contests attracted public crowds. Remarkable was a conference honouring successful and happy families.

The festival was the coordination of action among numerous agencies, from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to the Hanoi People’s Committee and the Vietnam Elderly Association.

The nation’s largest economic hub of Ho Chi Minh City also made the day festive on June 27 with the participation of thousands of families. It culminated in a festivity to piece 20,000 coins together into a symbol of “Family-backbone of happiness”, setting up a Vietnam Guinness.

The whole proceeds of the mosaic symbol auction will be earmarked for the construction of homes for poor families.

The southeastern region has joined the nation by holding the first family culture festival in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province. As many as 54 exemplary families coming from all the five regional provinces shared experiences in taking care of their families and children.

June 28 is celebrated as the Vietnam Family Day annually after the Prime Minister signed up a decision in May, 2001. The decision aims to uphold the important role played by the family and family values in developing human characters./.