Vietnam seeks to apply models for healthy and happy cities in a bid to ensure a sustainable urban development strategy in the long run, a conference organised by the Vietnam Association of Architecture (VAA) and the Vietnam Institute of Architecture under the Ministry of Construction (MoC) heard in Hanoi on October 3.

Numerous international and domestic experts participated in the event, which aims to send a message to city managers and architects calling for action plans to develop sustainable cities, VAA chairman Nguyen Tan Van said.

According to Dr Nguyen Quang, the United Nations’ Habitat Programme Manager in Vietnam, a number of healthy and happy cities exist around the world, where the gap between rich and poor has faded away.
Residents are treated equally and they all share the same accommodation conditions, Quang added.
Jacques Moussafir from ARIA Technologies, a French company that sells software run air pollution simulations and meteorological analyses, suggested the country develop policies to reform its traffic system, urban space design, and land use.

According to Construction Minister Trinh Dinh Dung, 770 cities and towns throughout Vietnam with a combined population of nearly 35 million have made substantial contributions to economic development, accounting for approximately 72 percent of national GDP.

At the same time, the minister highlighted the shortcomings in Vietnam’s urban systems, such as traffic jams, environmental pollution, and floods due to poor planning and supervision of urban development.-VNA