Vietnam and Laos will work closely together to standardise the Vietnamese-Lao bilingual teaching in Laos under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed in Vientiane on June 23.

The MoU detailed the outcomes of a working session between signatories Vietnam-Laos Project Steering Committee and the Committee for Compilation of Lao-Vietnamese Bilingual Curricula.

Accordingly, the Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences will compile a Vietnamese-language teaching curriculum and a set of textbooks for 1-12 th grades as well as pilot the teaching of Vietnamese and Lao languages at Nguyen Du school, the first Vietnamese-Lao bilingual educational establishment in Vientiane.

The institute will also design a programme piloting the teaching of the Vietnamese language for students at overseas Vietnamese schools.

Established under an agreement between the two governments, the school is run by the Association of Vietnamese in Vientiane under the watch of the Vietnamese embassy in Laos.-VNA