The Embryo Technology Research Training Centre of the Military Medicine Academy has since 2002 helped with the successful birth of 1,500 children using in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) techniques.

The centre has, together with other facilities operating in the field, made Vietnam a front runner in the application of IVF techniques in Southeast Asia, since the country’s first three IVF babies were born on April 30, 1998.

In 2011 alone, the successful IVF cases in Vietnam numbered 7,500 while it was 5,000 in Thailand, 4,000 in Malaysia , and 3,000 in Singapore , it was reported at a seminar jointly held by the Vietnam Medicine Academy and the Vietnam Society for Reproductive Medicines (VSRM) on April 19-20.

The Embryo Technology Research Training Centre is the first in the army to perform IVF application.-VNA