Vietnam poised to bridge global semiconductor workforce gap

Vietnam has the potential to meet the global semiconductor workforce need in short, medium and long terms, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung told a recent seminar, highlighting Vietnam's strategic advantages in the rapidly growing industry.

Positioned at the global center of the semiconductor industry, Vietnam's impressive economic growth, coupled with a strong focus placed on the semiconductor development by the Party and State, creates a fertile ground for attracting investment and talent.

This commitment is further underscored by the recent Party Central Committee’s directive, aiming to train 50,000 -100,000 highly skilled professionals for the industry by 2025 and 2030.

Vietnam's strategic partnerships with leading semiconductor nations further enhance its potential. Additionally, high-profile visits and discussions with industry giants like NVIDIA, Intel, and Samsung showed their growing interest in establishing research and production hubs in Vietnam.

Recognizing this opportunity, many Vietnamese universities are actively expanding their academic offerings. The University of Natural Sciences at the Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City, the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, and member universities of the University of Da Nang are all establishing dedicated faculties or programs on semiconductor technology./.