Vietnam records no new bird flu virus strains hinh anh 1Spraying chemical at a bird flu outbreak (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi, (VNA)
– Vietnam has to date detected no new avian flu virus strains despite its location in the Southeast Asian region’s hotspot of the diseases.

According to the Department of Preventative Medicine, Vietnam is at high risks of being inflicted with new virus strains via regional trade and traveling activities. However, the country has yet to detect bird flu viruses A/H7N9, A/H5N2 and A/H5N8 on both human and poultry, and A/H5N8 on human.

To monitor developments of the diseases, the Health Ministry has established a national avian flu virus monitoring system and two national centres for avian flu virus control at the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology and Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute. Both centres are capable of detecting a wide range of flu virus strains.

The Health Ministry has also worked with the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development and international organisations to collect samples in disease-prone areas. The ministry has also implemented its disease control and prevention plan for 2018.

Vietnam first detected the bird flu virus A/H5N1 in December 2003 on both human and poultry. Several new strains of the virus, such as A/H7N9, A/H5N2 and A/H5N8, could enter the country through transportation, business and consumption of illegally imported poultry products of unclear origin, especially in the northern border provinces.-VNA