Government Inspector General Huynh Phong Tranh was informed of how Russian agencies fight corruption, during the second day of his visit to the European country, which began on April 14.

At a working session with the Anti-corruption Department of the Presidential Administration of Russia on April 15, the Vietnamese official expressed his pleasure at learning their experiences in preventing, detecting and handling corruption in the country.

The two sides discussed their respective state inspection systems and pondered the possibility of partnering the two agencies with a memorandum of understanding on sharing information and advice in the fight against corruption in each country.

On the same day, Tranh and his entourage worked with the Russian Supreme Court, where First Vice Chief Judge Piort Serkov explained the judicial powers available to crackdown on corrupt public servants.

Earlier on April 14, the Vietnamese Government Inspectorate delegation talked with a Russian Auditing Agency delegation led by Vice President Vera Chistova.

Inspector General Tranh said the Vietnamese Government and people highly valued Russia’s help and assistance. The two sides then discussed how the auditing sector can battle corrupt behaviour./.