Vietnam is seeking further international support in its continued attempt to overcome the consequences of post-war bombs and mines that still litter the country, officials said at a meeting of the State Steering Board in charge of implementing a national programme to deal with post-war ordnance from now until 2015.

Speaking at the May 24 meeting in Hanoi, Defence Minister General Phung Quang Thanh emphasised that the programme, dubbed Programme 504, indicates the strong commitment of the Party, State and Government towards this issue.

He said a large number of bombs and mines from several wars over the last century have wrought havoc across the country.

"Even though the war ended several decades ago, 20 percent of our land is still contaminated with bombs and mines and more than 100,000 people have been killed or injured due to post-war bombs and mines," he said.

The programme aims to mobilise domestic and international resources to minimise the consequences of bombs and mines, ensure public safety and help victims continue with their lives.

At the meeting, participants agreed on a set of concrete actions that will be implemented in the upcoming time.

These included setting up a contamination map, establishing a national level database centre and training centre as well a trust fund.

Projects to support victims will also be continued, as will an information campaign on mine accident prevention.-VNA