The third session of the Vietnam-South Africa inter-governmental partnership forum on economics, trade, science, technology and culture is being held in Hanoi on June 18 and 19.

As co-chairs of the session, Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vu Hong Nam and South African Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Nomaindiya Mfeketo highlighted the traditional friendship, solidarity and sound cooperation between the two countries as well as their mutual support during the fight for national independence.

Both nations agreed to enhance their collaboration in politics, external affairs, security-defence, judicial affairs, trade, agriculture, the environment, science-technology and cooperation at local levels to match the bilateral partnership for cooperation and development established in 2004.

The two sides expressed their concern over recent disputes in the region, saying disputes must be resolved via peaceful measures in line with the fundamental principles of international law such as respecting territorial integrity and sovereignty and refraining from using force or threatening to use force.

The two sides agreed to increase delegation exchanges to boost political ties and share experience in peacekeeping, anti-terrorism and crime prevention.

Vietnam and South Africa also discussed measures to double bilateral trade and agreed to hold the third session of the joint committee on trade in November.

The two sides highlighted the success of the trilateral cooperation project between Vietnam , South Africa and Guinea as part of the South-South cooperation model (in which developing nations exchange resources, technology and knowledge). Vietnam expressed its willingness to get involved in similar projects in Africa .

South Africa also appreciated Vietnam ’s active cooperation on preventing the illegal trade of wild animals and products. The two nations are expected to strengthen their partnership in this field.

The two countries concurred to conclude negotiations and finalise relevant formalities to sign several cooperation agreements on security, judicial affairs, minerals, and forestry in the near future.-VNA