A workshop on nuclear power infrastructure development in Vietnam is taking place in Hanoi from November 10–14.

As part of a joint cooperation plan between the Ministry of Science and Technology and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the workshop aims to review the programme’s progress since 2012 and outline key points for future implementation.

During four days of discussions, participants will focus on a number of technical issues such as the legal framework, safety measures, human resources development, incident response plans and radioactive waste treatment.

After the technical discussion rounds, reports on the current status of Vietnam’s atomic infrastructure and the effective cooperation between the two sides will be presented.

According to IAEA Director of the Division of Nuclear Power Jong Kyun Park, the IAEA will continue to share its expertise and support Vietnam in launching the project, with a high standard of security.

In 2012, an Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) Mission classified seven prioritised issues, 42 recommendations and 14 proposals to help Vietnam implement the cooperation plan. Vietnam has taken this set of recommendations into account, and it has been updated regularly to reflect changes, challenges and evolving priorities.-VNA