Vietnam has the highest number of website server attacks in the world (394), leaving Russia (34 servers attacked) and India (19) far behind.

This was according to Nguyen Anh Tuan, a representative from the southern branch of the Vietnam Information Security Association.

He was speaking at a recent conference on internet security and applying information technology to agriculture in the southern province of Soc Trang.

He said that cyber criminals have focused on bank cards, electronic commerce and online payments, and transnational money laundering this year, adding that the criminals are now exploiting security gaps in cloud computing applications to attack users, focusing on mobile phones.

Mobile phone users face three types of risks, which are malware (accessing documents on mobile phones including information on users' credit cards and Facebook passwords), personal spyware (collecting personal information such as messages, emails and contacts) and greyware (used by companies to collect information from users for advertising).

Malware on mobile phones also created automatically paid calls and paid text messages and sent spam messages.

Soon, mobile phone users would face new risks such as advertising click fraud (clicking automatically on links of paid advertisements) and in-app billing fraud (automatically buying applications at online shops).-VNA