The Vietnamese Embassy in Cairo has fulfilled its 2014 tasks regardless recent complicated developments in Egypt, contributing to bolstering traditional friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Egypt Dao Thanh Chung highlighted the development of bilateral ties in politics, economics, trade and culture in a recent interview with Vietnam News Agency correspondents in Cairo.

He stressed Egypt’s support for Vietnam’s stance on sea and island sovereignty as well as ASEAN’s viewpoint on the East Sea issue at the Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Meeting in Algeria last year.

Over the past year, the ambassador said, the embassy carried out numerous measures to promote economic and trade ties with Egypt such as business forums, meetings with businesses to swiftly remove difficulties and update market information.

Trade turnover between Vietnam and Egypt reached 400 million USD in 2014, doubling the previous year’ figure, he added.

Besides, Vietnam’s image on the land and people of Vietnam has been broadcast on Egypt’s Nile TV and Egyptian TV channels, helping the Egyptians better understand the Southeast Asian country as well as contributing to promoting friendship between the two countries.

Vietnam also gained help from Egypt in bringing home nearly 750 Vietnamese citizens working in dangerous areas in Egypt’s neighbouring country of Libya.

In 2015, Ambassador Chung said, the embassy will continue their best efforts to deepen the relations between the two countries. Economic diplomacy will be a top priority for this year with a target of lifting two-way trade to 450 million USD.-VNA