Artists from the Vietnam National Drama Theatre will enact a new play entitled The Mouse Daughter's Marriage at Malaysia's George Town Festival in August.

The play will be staged by Singaporean artiste Chua Soo Pong, who arrived in Vietnam in early June to work with Vietnamese artists.

The play was performed in Hanoi on June 20 and was highly acclaimed by the audience.

It tells the light-hearted story of a mouse's daughter who must choose between the sun, the wind, a wall and a white mouse, all of whom wish to marry her.

Acting on her mother's advice, the daughter rejects all four contenders as they are not rich, powerful or famous enough for her. When she chooses to marry a cat, thinking him to be from a more superior species, she must face the unexpected consequences of her action.

The actors' artful and precise movements draw the audience's attention as the play – both funny and allegorical – raises the question whether the grass is really greener on the other side.

Chua Soo Pong said he has visited Vietnam 10 times since 1993 and has been fascinated by the country's culture and traditional theatre.

The Mouse Daughter's Marriage was written and created as a children's drama in 2003 by Pong. Since its premiere, various companies in China and Singapore have adapted the play. It has been performed in several countries such as Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia and China, as well as Bangladesh, Turkey and the US.-VNA