Vietnamese-Belgian painter uses wavelength prints to depict life in Vietnam

Vietnamese-Belgian artist Thy Nguyen Truong Minh opened his solo exhibition in Brussels recently, displaying artworks depicting life in Vietnam.

The black-and-white artworks were created with wavelength prints on do (Poonah) paper, a brand-new painting technique. Some of the artworks portray his grandparents, while some others illustrate his memories about Vietnamese villages with water buffaloes and bamboo trees, chopsticks in Vietnamese meals, and others.

"I was born and raised up in Belgium. I want to learn about my roots, where my grandparents and parents were born. That is why I use wavelength prints to depict life in Vietnam’s countryside, " said artist Thy Nguyen Truong Minh. 

Thomas Grivegnee,  an exhibition goer said: "Through the paintings made by Thy, I have better understanding of his family’s past and Vietnam as well."

It is the fourth exhibition by Thy in Belgium.

He has a degree in Fine Arts, visual and spatial, from Brussels-based ERG School of Graphic Research. Born in the Belgian capital city in 1982 to Vietnamese parents, he later decided to live between Brussels and Ho Chi Minh City.

He is also co-founder of “La centrifugeuse” or “May xay sinh to” (The centrifuge), an international art programme involving art schools jointly conducted by French-speaking Belgian community in Wallonie-Brussels and Vietnam in HCM City.

He is also a lecturer in visual arts at HCM City University of Fine Arts./.