Vietnamese cargo ship Vinalines Queen that vanished near the Philippines on Dec. 25 has sunk. One sailor aboard the ship has been rescued, while 22 others are still missing.

According to the initial information, only one sailor has been rescued and the vessel has not been found yet, the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centre reported on Dec. 30.

The surviving sailor, Dau Ngoc Hung, was rescued by the British ship London Courage which was heading towards Singapore . Hung affirmed that the ship sank on the morning of Dec. 25 due to an incline.

The Vinalines Queen disappeared after passing Luzon island of the Philippines and apparently did not send out a distress signal.

Vinalines said its ship was carrying more than 54,000 tonnes of nickel ore and was travelling from Indonesia ’s Morowali port to Ningde port of China when it lost contact.

The Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centre has appealled to the Philippines , Taiwan and Japan for help in finding other crew members who are likely to float at sea./.