Vietnamese, Chinese Supreme People’s Procuracies tighten ties hinh anh 1At the meeting (Photo: VNA)
Beijing (VNA) – The Supreme People’s Procuracies of Vietnam and China signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation in Beijing on April 23 within the framework of the Vietnamese procuracy delegation’s working visit to China.

The MoU will help the two sides tackle difficulties in judicial assistance cooperation in penal affairs, while helping implement the two countries’ judicial assistance agreement on civil and penal matters signed in 1998, and a cooperation agreement inked by the two agencies in 2012.

The document will also increase the efficiency of collaboration between the People’s Procuracies of border provinces.

At talks between leaders of the two Supreme People’s Procuracies, both Vietnamese Prosecutor-General Le Minh Tri and Chinese Prosecutor-General Cao Jianming agreed that the two sides have maintained good relations, strengthened through visits of the two countries’ leaders and procuracy delegation exchanges.

According to Tri, together with government-level cooperation, the two countries’ localities have also held collaborative activities. There have been MoUs on cooperation between the People’s Procuracies of Ho Chi Minh City and Guangdong province; Da Nang city and Sandong province; Cao Bang, Lang Son, Quang Ninh provinces and Guangxi province, and an agreement between the Vietnam's Procurator Professional Training School (now Hanoi Procuracy University) and the Chinese National Academy for Procurators.-VNA