Vietnamese cuisine earns five world records hinh anh 1Some “strand and broth” dishes of Vietnam (Photo:


Hanoi (VNA) – The World Records Union (WorldKings) has recognised five Vietnamese culinary world records.

The decision was based on nominations by the Vietnam Records Organisation (VietKings) earlier this year.

Accordingly, the Appraisal Council of WorldKings approved an application for the country owning the most “strand and broth” dishes in the world (164 dishes and being continually updated).

Vietnam is also acknowledged as the country with the most kinds of “mam” (salted fish) and dishes make from “mam” with typical favours in the world (100 dishes and more), the country with the most dishes make from flowers (272 dishes make from 43 different flowers).

The Southeast Asian country also has the most kinds of special roll in the world (103 dishes) and the most dishes make from rice flour (143 dishes).

Pictures and detailed information of Vietnamese dishes will be updated on WorldKings’ media in the coming time./.