Vietnamese cuisine goes global with Michelin stars

Vietnamese cuisine has made significant strides forward in finding a place among the global culinary elite with the recently-announced presence of four Michelin-starred restaurants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

While Vietnamese cuisine has long been popular among international tourists and is found in many countries around the world, experts believe the Michelin Guide will help Vietnam gain more recognition in the global culinary scene.

Vietnam is known for its culinary delights, with dishes like “pho”, a simple yet deceptively complex dish of noodles served with beef or chicken in a hot bowl of broth, banh mi, Vietnamese traditional sandwich, and coffee, making it on to CNN’s list of the top 50 best street foods in Asia.

In early 2023, the prestigious US travel magazine also named Vietnam as the leading culinary destination in Asia.

Marketing legend Philip Kotler once said that Vietnam should be the kitchen of the world.

Experts believe that with the Michelin Guide and the efforts of chefs and others in the culinary industry throughout Vietnam, the country will soon become a high-end culinary destination that international visitors should experience once in their lifetime.

All of the Michelin-starred restaurants have prepared promotional activities upon receiving their honours.

The Hanoi Department of Tourism and the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism plan to promote these eateries to attract foreign visitors./.